Welcome to ESANI Business Advisory

Vision Tower, 3rd floor

Muthithi Road, Westlands, Nairobi

ESANI Business Advisory is a Certified Public Accounting, and Business Advisory firm in Kenya and East Africa. We specialize in provision of services pertaining to financial management, audit, accountancy, tax advisory, corporate finance and training.

We aim to provide our clients with valuable, cost effective and quality accounting. As part of our audit methodology we seek to thoroughly understand clients business and the control environment under which it operates. We ensure that our clients are closely involved in all audit assignments for more accurate results and team effort in providing them with top notch quality control measures by engaging reviews from associate partners. We are also keen on complying with professionals and statutory standards. Our team at ESANI Business Advisory is well informed with all the current standards, and we are keen to promptly communicate and advice on all and any significant governance issues which we anticipate would have a material effect on the operation of our clients businesses.


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